Qigong Micro-Training for Specific Organs (Chinese/English)  

We had a successful workshop with Grandmaster Fu in August, 2016 and he taught the Micro-Training for Specific Organs to a group of 14 students.  We hope you find these practices valuable and try them out or share with people who have specifc organs-related illness.  

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We did a seven day Chan meditation retreat with Emei Qigong 13th Lineage Holder, Grandmaster Fu Wei Zhong, in Emei Mountain last September.  Here are some of the photos.  Check out our photo gallery for all the photos!

I uploaded some photos of the Group Healing done by Grandmaster Fu when he was in Singapore.  Also, below are some photos of the Emei Acupressure class completed in July.  I hope everyone is staying healthy and happy!


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